no breathin' room...between pleasure&pain

new address

some locked entries; only accessible to lj added friends

i guess nothing can last forever.

3:14 am;

we got to keep moving on.

i've moved.

new address up soon.

8:56 pm;

Get Off My Cloud

coped this from someone's lj - i can't remember who but creditting him/her.
he/she took this photo in jb; and captioned it;



11:15 pm;

Harold & Kumar DO NOT Want To Go To Red House

my story is like harold and kumar going to white castle, only they did get to eat their burgers in the end but i didn't get to eat my chili crabs in the end.

we decided to celebrate my mom's bday at the Little Red House, east coast seafood. seeing how we've been there countless of times, we thought it'd be good but they fucked everything up.

firstly, i had to meet my family at alexandra road after my friday lecture as my sis' bf works there and he has the car. because my lecture ended at 4 i had time to kill so i got down at Queenstown Mrt and walked to Ikea. Bad choice. Given my typical walking speed, it still took me 45 minutes. Not to mention i was carrying a 1.5 kg laptop on one shoulder and a bunch of notes.

got into the car finally. sis' bf missed a turning at still road so we ended up at Singapore Expo. Time check, 7.50pm. Managed to get back to ECP in time, else we'd end up at Changi Airport. Reached ECP, 8.00 pm. Placed parking for 2 hours. Hopped over to the restaurant.

Placed orders by 8.10pm which was printed on the reciept. Waited till 9.00pm for the food when other tables who had people arriving later and ordering the same stuff (baby squid, chili crab) got served and were already finishing their meal.

sis asks the waitress named Betty about it. betty goes to the kitchen and gave a thumbs up sign and yelled, Coming in cantonese. that was 9.00pm

9.15pm, asked the captain again - she disappeared into the kitchen and never emerge from its depths.

9.30pm, we leave, to the shock of waitresses and other customers. i was feeling extremely fucked up so i said, what kind of god-damn service is this... really loudly.
unfortuately, cute boy at another table stared. (only in times like this can rachel attract any attention)

and it was my mother's bday. in the end we went to the fucking hawker center to eat when we could have saved all this fucking trouble instead and go to some stupid hawker center located at every square inch of singapore.

bloody hell. sorry mom. we will celebrate next week at Botak Jones Grill.

3:20 pm;

Only Liars, But We're The Best

fuck , rachel.
why can't you listen to your own advice?

1:52 am;

Pretty In Blue

this would make an old knick knack collecting auntie really happy.

alas, it's one year ago.

7:59 pm;

The Music or the Misery

my new hair colour's like a bruise; blue-black.

i have a recurring dream.
i'm climbing this dark old creaky wooden stairs to an end i don't know about.
i love that dream because the stairs looked eerie but i didn't feel eerie.
i constantly believe that bad luck is drawn and hanging off my luck,
we all sleep through our memories, the stairs, subconscious.
i actually wonder what is beneath the stairs or in the darkness of the stairs.
& i love crescendo voices and faltering. it's so bloody attractive.

12:47 am;

Champagne for My Real Friends

hell. digicams give new meaning to "flipping through my albums".

no dust, no hassle. no gold foil stains, no sticky plastic.

i was "flipping through the albums" today.
i hate to know time is fleeting but at times it gives you a pleasant feeling.

there! it rhymes.


9:47 pm;

It's Not A Side Effect Of Cocaine

as you can tell i've been spending my spare time,
my pretentious imagined spare time, that is;
while some tutorials await me,

on watching movies. repeatedly.

i didn't really enjoy memoirs of a geisha though,
although i think gong li is the most beautiful
woman with messy hair wearing a kimono i've ever saw.

how many messy hair kimono women do you see in a year?

the common theme with the two movies i've just watched
is that power is oppressive but those in power shalt not
be in power forever.

both had female narrators.
both featured the wearing of masks.
both female narrators went through drastic change.
both female narrators could not be with the men they loved.
both had many soldiers in them.

see what i said about my spare time?

there was fire in both.
fire in parliament, fire in the geisha house.

6:02 pm;

Violence Can Be Used for Good.

hello, big brother.
it must be the brave new world,
it must be the annoucement
encircling your ears
invisible to your eyes,
visible to your subconscious mind.
1984 is the handmaid's tale.
so tell the clockwork orange story again...
2046...strength through unity.....
politicians are human
and like human they use lies to cover it up.

my favourite theme ever, totalitarism.

3:55 am;

Go Down in History

i like zombie movies.
i like the part where there is mass hysteria on the streets
and the zombies come lauching themselves.
and that's the part i like most.

2:23 am;

Which came first, the music or the misery?

life lessons in one fucken week.

1. bureacracy sucks.
2. in life, you must be hopelessly hopeful.
3. chick peas make you fart alot, especially if they're from engine's technoedge.
4. chinese americans are a buncha "kiasu" and "chionging" people. chinese lar, what you expect.
5. i am a native singaporean and i am bloody stupid compared to people from pakistan, korea, thailand and vietnam..and indonesia.

5:25 pm;


it is a bad bad word for the besotted. Often seen through rose-tinted glasses; hiding the pure vulgarity of.



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